Questions? We have answers!

1) Will they embarrass us or make fun of us in front of our coworkers?

Never! We only use people comfortable with participating and who are fully vetted before the show. Our goal is for everyone who helps with the show have a great time. We never have fun at anyone’s expense.


2) Do we have to participate?

Absolutely not! We plan the show with event and company staff well ahead of time. We only want people on stage who want to participate. We’ve never had anyone in the show who hasn’t had a great time.


3) Will we be able to know what they’re going to say about me before I participate?

Yes! All the questions and topics are written well in advance. We brief everyone who will participate in the variety elements as well like the human puppet, songs and magic.


  • Complimentary consultation
  • Clean humor, all in good fun
  • Interactive audience participation
  • Appropriate for corporate environment
  • Over 30 years experience in corporate comedy between us


A fully customizable show tailored to your company


  • Boost Moral
  • Team Building
  • Use us to host your meetings